Design Plus
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  About Us
Design Plus is an Independent Design Consultancy Specializing in Business and Corporate Interiors. Over the Years, we have Achieved Eminence in Creating Sophisticated Ambiences for a Distinctive Multifaceted Client-Community, ranging from the Service, Retail and Commercial to Business Process Outsourcing Sectors. Our Team is led by Veteran Architects and Interior Design Professionals having Decades of Versatile Field Experience in the Interior Design, Architecture and Allied Operations.
  About Us
  Together we Pilot a Well-Balanced Team of Talents, Specializing in Diverse Areas like Project Management, Financial Planning, 3D Design Modeling to Site Supervision and Quality Assurance. Our High Professional Standards, Technical Resourcefulness and Absolute Sense of Commitment to Individual & Corporate Values find Expression in our continued Preference as Design Consultants of Choice by our Valued Clients for Years on End.
  OUR FORTE: Design Excellence with a 'Plus'